Learn How to Have More Success, Freedom, and Fun by Skipping College!


This new book provides powerful, no BS advice to high schoolers who are smart enough to question college. It's over 300 pages of practical, actionable training and step by step guidance on why college is a mistake and how to make more money and get your life started faster, smarter, and cheaper than college!


About the Author

Seth Jared Hymes is an Educator, Speaker, Filmmaker and Business Coach who has helped thousands of people change their lives and start careers in Digital Marketing via his site indemandcareer.com. 

Seth graduated NYU in 3.5 years with honors and went on to work as a waiter, pizza delivery driver, receptionist, cabana boy, and a Laser Range Safety Officer before finally acquiring marketable skills and earning a respectable income in Digital Marketing. 

He delights in providing young people with practical no BS advice about the things in life that actually matter. He is currently travelling the world, spreading a

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