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Video Transcripts:

Part 1

Okay guys, let’s talk about the magical skills that give you power. I say magic, I say, “Hey I don’t know any card tricks, but I know how to show an eighteen year old, how to my $60,000 a year”, that’s pretty magical to me. That’s pretty crazy, and that’s pretty powerful.

Now, you’re not too young to learn to implement these skills. If you’re a teen or in your early 20s, you are perfectly wired for this skill set.

Now, there’s this old ass movie called, War Games. It’s one of my favorite films. It’s about a whiz kid who understands computers. He changes his grades, and he almost starts a thermo nuclear war. It’s actually a really good movie, but the point is, the adults in the movie were clueless. The kid had the power, because he knew computer code. That was in the 80s. The same thing is true today, in fact, more so.

Digital marketing is the most powerful skill, and the most accessible, in my experience. That’s how someone like Shin, or Karen, or any of the other people, or success stories I’ve had, young people with no experience, and no degree, can get salary positions. They can move up in companies. Get their own clients, and start making money.

Digital marketing is not complex, but it seems that way. It took me two years to get my parents to understand my first job, in digital marketing, and when you understand something useful, that other people don’t, you have power. That’s very important.

Knowledge equals power. You might have heard that. It’s not exactly true. Only useful knowledge is power. If somebody studies mid evil history, or french literature, they have a lot of knowledge, but they don’t have any power. It’s not useful.

Remember when I talked about how much things have changed since the 1990s? That included marketing. There was a point to that entire section, of the course.

Advertising, and marketing is simple. You might be thinking, “Oh, I don’t know anything about advertising”, it’s not complicated. It’s just telling people about stuff. A business, a restaurant, a product, anything. You are initiated with marketing, on the internet, every single day.

The old school way of telling people about stuff, was through billboards, phone books, newspapers, magazines, T.V., direct mail, and there are so many marketing programs, guys, that are still teaching this outdated crap.

The new way of marketing is stuff you are familiar with, digital marketing. It’s ads on Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc. Digital marketing is mostly about creating, and managing ads, and you may not have even been aware of it, but you have seen ads everywhere. In fact, you probably found my course through an ad, on Instagram.

Do you own a billboard, a T.V., a radio station, or a newspaper? No, but you can advertise online. Anyone can. Anyone with an internet connection, can advertise online.

Writing, creativity and analysis. This is why it’s suited for people, who would normally go to college. Your ability to write, and communicate, and effectively analysis information, makes you successful, in this field.

Just to go back here, for one second, I just want to say, guys this is revolutionary. I explained all the different things that have changed since the 1990s. For a century, it was impossible to advertise to people, unless you were rich. You would have to get on a billboard, a T.V. network, or a radio station, or a newspaper, and pay thousands of dollars. Now, anybody can reach anybody, with a message. That’s the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing keeps growing. It’s estimated, its going to be a 120 billion dollar industry, by 2021, and if you look at this chart here, you’re going to see, of course, old school advertising, like print advertising, radio/t.v. advertising, all that, that’s getting smaller and smaller, while digital marketing [inaudible 00:03:40], is getting more and more. Makes sense, right?

Every company, in the world, needs digital marketing help. Every company, no matter what it is. Many businesses still don’t even have a website. A lot of these business owners, are older, and they don’t understand the technology.

Businesses need customers to make money. If you can drive customers to their website, you help them make money. You offer value. That is powerful. I think The Simpsons provide some good examples. This is capitalism, right here.

Agencies have blown up, to handle this huge need. Digital marketing agencies. You can see, there’s 47,968 jobs, this was a search I did, just a little while ago, there’s usually between 40 and 50,000 of these digital marketing jobs. They need skilled people, to manage digital ads for your clients, and if you’ve been wondering, “How did these 20 year olds get these jobs?”, that’s how. There’s such a demand, and the colleges don’t teach this.

Look at these numbers. Average customer service rep, making $12 and hour. Digital marketer’s average is $62,000, a year. For sear engine manager, $24, an hour, which is around $50,000 dollars a year. Sorry, 50 to $64,000, a year. This is a world of difference in terms of earning, because of the demand, and this is how we get all these students, Benjamin, Ron, Dreshawn, Aaron, Daniel, all these students, and many more, were able to actually take their skills, and turn them into jobs, quickly, because of this opportunity, and this need for people, who can actually do the job, not people who have a degree.

The world changed fast. College, and culture, move slow. Painfully slow. As slow as a hemispheroid in the year 1000. Most marketing majors, like a said, don’t even learn about digital marketing. I literally saw, on LinkedIn, another digital marketing manager, was hiring, and she was interviewing a college grad, who majored in marketing, and she went on this rant, because the school taught his all about radio, and billboard advertising. It didn’t teach him anything about digital marketing, so she didn’t hire him, and this is ridiculous. These colleges are not preparing people, with modern information.

Davit was a marketing major. He was also a marketing major, and he took my course, because he couldn’t find a job. He says, “I have no idea what I would have done, if it wasn’t for you, and your course”, and this is a guy who had a marketing degree. Look at this, University of Nevada-Reno, bachelors degree, marketing, economics, it’s insanity, right? Isn’t that hilarious. So bizarre, and then here’s some other messages, from people who are in marketing classes, saying they learned so much more from what I taught, than what they taught in school.

High school Caveats. If you’re under 18, getting a full time job, may not be feasible yet. You’re very close. You can freelance. You can get your own clients. You can intern. I had a student who was 17, contact the owner of a digital marketing agency, and impressed the hell out of that person, and get an internship, and that’s the great thing about being young, is that if you show initiative, if you show you’re smarter, and more driven, than all the other students, who are not, who are going like mindless sheep, through life, adults will respond to that, and want to help you. Again, everything can be learned online.

Number one, upwork.com, that’s where a lot of freelance jobs are found. Again, your supposed to be 18, to work on there. AdWords, Google Ads, requires 18, but there are other way to get freelance clients, if you’re under 18. You can work on someone else google ads account. You can have your parents help you, to open up an account, or to an Upwork account. There’s a lot of things, you can do, to get around this.

The point is, that back in the day, computers were not commonly used. As a teen, your only real options were mowing lawns, being a cashier, and people didn’t take teens seriously. They still don’t really take you seriously, because in school, they’re trying to turn you into a baby, and not let you look at work, or money, until you’re 22, but now days it’s different, sort of, because young people are associated with technology. You guys understand new trends, and technologies faster, than everybody else, and that’s also the perception.

I remember last year, I had a 17 year old, show me how to text properly. I said, “Wow, man. I am old, because I am texting with one finger”, and she said, “No, no. You’ve got to do it with your thumbs.” I was like, “Oh my God. I’m so old”, and I’ve had my younger students get into digital marketing, and they help me stay current on things.

Because of that perception, it’s a lot easier to pitch yourself. Business owner, a lot of them, do not understand the Web, or digital marketing. Think of the average, local business. Let’s say you live in a small town. You’ve got the local pizzeria. The local shoe shop. The local dry cleaner. These folks are not tech savvy, and if you present yourself properly, and professionally, you will be taken seriously. That’s part of what I teach people, in the course. How to position yourself, in such a way, where you can communicate, in a mature fashion. Communication is so powerful.

That’s what I mean by getting your own clients. You could build someone a website. You could get them more traffic, on google. You could trip out their Facebook, or Instagram page. It’s not only lucrative, but it builds your portfolio, for future work.

Again, this is part of that pyramid. Rather you’re getting the Joe job, or you’re in school, or you have a side job as a waiter, or doing Uber, and using that to support your learning of in demand skills, whether its digital marketing, or some of the other things we’re going to talk about, and then using that, to of course support the long term goal, which is the online business, with the passive income, something you’re passionate about. That’s all part of this pyramid.

Your own business. I want you to start thinking about your own business, and again, you have to unlearn some stupid concepts, that you’ve heard in school, and in the media. Back to the clown college analogy. Business school is a joke, first of all. You can totally imagine I would say that, because it really has nothing to do with starting your own business. These topics, financial accounting, introduction to strategy, financial management, perspective on global business, managerial accounting and economics quantitative business methods, this is all mental masturbation, on a level I can’t even comprehend. It is a joke.

Most business owners do not have a degree. In fact, entrepreneurs who did not attend, or finish college, out number those with high education degrees. Every group, except people who are over 65. Look at these numbers. It’s absolutely unrelated, business school.

Here is another stupid idea, you might have heard. Your own business doesn’t need a million dollar start up, and a hundred million dollar acquisition. It doesn’t mean your trying to make the next Facebook, or Apple, or even a million dollars. A lot of people will say that. They’ll be like, “You need to go to college. What, do you think you’re the next Steve Jobs? You’re going to make a billion dollar company?” No. You don’t need to make a million dollars. You can have a micro business, like I do. I have a business. I have no employees. I have no business license. It’s a website. There’s a bunch of different business models, like this, and it’s not easy. None of this is easy, but it’s simpler than what you’ve been told, and I tell people, shoot for your first $100. If you could make $40,000 a year, from your business, you would have as much, as you would have made in a 40 hour a week job. You can say, “Hey, I don’t want to be the next Steve Jobs. I’ll make .001 percent of what Steve Jobs made. I’m not delusional. I know what I’m doing.”

Again, back to the skip college strategy. In demand skills, you could get a job, you could freelance, we’re going to talk about that in a second, online passive income member. What I’m saying about this is, don’t get caught up in the idea, like you’re going on Americas Got Talent, trying to will a million dollars, with your business, ’cause that puts a lot of pressure on people. They think, “Oh, I have to make the next Snapchat. I have to be the next Nike, or the next Apple.” That’s stupid. Make a small business. If you make $40,000, a year, that’s like .0001 percent of what Google, or Apple makes. It’s a very realistic goal, once you learn the skills, and the methodology, behind it. You can live on that, and be happy, making 40 to $70,000 a year.

I think I got ahead of myself, but realistic inspiring goals, is what I call them. Get in demand skills, get paid well, build a very, very small web based business, and earn your first dollar. Earn your first 100 dollars, and scale up, and your long term goal would be to replace the day job salary, with your business. $50,000, $60,000 a year, that’s amazing. Karen, even though she’s working 20 hours a week, she has replaced a full time job, with freelancing.

Digital marketing power. There’s so many jobs, and freelance opportunities. I think it’s the easiest to learn, and the quickest. It has creative, and analytical components, but not super technical, and I believe it is the gateway to having your own micro business.

Some of my favorite online business models, we’ll get more into this later. Number one, courses or information products. That what I sell. Taking your knowledge, and information, packaging it in a way that helps people, and they pay you money for it. Number two, affiliate marketing, which is referring people to other products, for a cut. Number three, selling your art, your music, or your writing, in let’s say, a Kindle book. Number four, consulting. Number five, do your own digital marketing agency, and get your own clients. I know other people who have done well with FBA, which is fulfilled by Amazon, Dropshipping, and E-Commerce, personally that’s just not for me. I don’t enjoy that kind of work. I don’t even know how to do it well. I find myself doing better, and encouraging people to follow something you’re passionate about, and if you’re passionate about FBA, or Dropshipping, you can message me, and I’ll give you some resources, for that.

Whatever your business is, this is how it all comes together. You’re going to need traffic. Customers, visitors, people, and here’s the great thing, you’ve been doing that the whole time. I love [inaudible 00:14:09]. It’s true. The reason I focus so much on digital marketing, is because no matter what you decide to do with your business, even if you’re selling shoes, or you’re doing coaching on how to … you’re doing a make up tutorial, or something, you will need traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business.

Most of my students, what happens is they get a job, and they like it, but they want more flexibility, so a lot of them will start freelancing, and then they get more controlled freedom of their income, and then they want to start their own business. Because they’ve spent moths, or years, getting traffic to grow, through other people’s websites, they know what to do, and how to do it, and it all comes together like a beautiful puzzle piece.

What do you see? By now, I want you to be seeing a completely new vision, of what could be possible for your future. You don’t have to have the details, you just want to have a sense of something totally different, than what you were thinking of, before you started watching the videos.

I want you to check out my Digital Marketing Course. There’s an introduction course, at indemancareer.com. There’s four free videos, and I give you much more detail about the actual jobs, in this field. Then, the full course itself, is called, The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint, and there’s a lot more information on that.

More on the course. The long form video explains what you will be learning. You’ll be learning what we call paid search, or Google Ads, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which is making websites appear higher in Google results. Email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, Facebook marketing, and I actually show you how to make your resume, in LinkedIn, and get clients. I actually show you. The biggest question I get from people, “I’m 18 years old, I’m 19, I’ve never had a job, how do I put together a resume, ’cause I need experience?” I show you exactly what to do, to go from zero, to having a compelling resume, and again, that’s how someone like Shawn, can get $60,000 a year, at 18. He didn’t have a job before that.